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Battle Pirates is a base building war game you can play on Facebook. Build a base complete with defenses, use technology, Gather resources and build great warships as you battle it out on the high seas against other players. Use this Ultimate guide to gain the edge over your opponents and become the most Fearsome Pirate in your Sector!

Base Designs

  Base Design Examples

*The following are level 5 Outpost Designs*


Best Design Notes

The best layout for Outpost 3, 4 & 5 are different due to the amount of land squares and buildings available.You can however take the future design in consideration when designing you base. This can make the redesign easier in the future.

  • You want to protect your Outpost (OP) and warehouses (WH) as much as possible. You lose 20% of your resources when your OP is destroyed, and 10% for EACH warehouse lost.

  • Resource Gatherers (RG) are NOT important to defend. If they are destroyed, you only lose what is in them and they repair fast. Place these near the front of where an attacker has to go to get to your OP & WH, so if he fails in the first attempt they help get you a bubble to prevent a second attempt.

  • Protect your dock. A destroyed dock must be repaired before you can launch fleets. It takes about 17 to 20 minutes to repair your dock.

  • Protect your labs while they are upgrading (research will still carry on if the respective lab is destroyed). There are not enough land tiles to place, even with an OP5, to safely protect all your labs at the same time, so you must decide which ones need protecting, and then move them in and out of the safe zone when you are upgrading them. When a building that is in the process of upgrading is destroyed, extra time will be added to the completion time that was left previously (I know, it sucks).

  • Research/upgrade your defensive platforms/walls/turrets to level 3 ASAP. Level 1 and 2 platforms will fall fast. Lvl 3 will make the attacker decide if it is worth losing a big chunk of his fleet to attack you.
    • Research lvl 3 sentinels and howitzers . Level 1 and 2 do not hit hard enough to protect you once you are past lvl 17 or so.
    • Upgrade to lvl 3 wall will stop a lot of ballistic attack.
    • Add a few victory mortars for the longer range.
    • Place all defenses in 1st or 2nd land tiles, unless deploying mortars as mortars have minimum and maximum range.

  • Base defense MUST be your priority. Fleet/ship upgrades are secondary. 
  • 1 Square = 20 ship range
  • One can choose to use fleets in the map interface to "guard base" so that other players cannot go straight to one's base.
    • This serves as the first line of defense against base hitters.
    • However beware that by placing one's fleets all guarding one's base, one may have to suffer the fate of not being able to repair all fleets due to low levels of any one of the resources available after the base is being hit.
    • Note: you need resources to repair base too.
  • As far as possible, use the resources before you log off so that base hitters cannot farm you. Farming is the process where other players rob you of your riches regularly.
    • Farms typically are easy hit and not well protected with very big rewards, as compared to the repair cost.
    • Therefore to stop farming, change your base design asap, create a moat around your Outpost and warehouses.
    • Every time someone attacks, change the design of the base.
    • Do resource gathering and upgrades under dome protection.
    • Hit his fleet under dome protection too. (and he will be so mad yet so "calm" because he cant attack you.)
    • Do not stop and mine using your fleet in case he hit back. Learn to hunt for salvages instead.
    • If he hides under dome protection, rest assure that he is a coward and his base is not protected at all.
    • If he start to protect his bases with ships, just hit his ships and play cat and mouse with his base. He will mostly hide under dome protection soon.  
If you are after a Base Designer program you can get one here. http://forums.kixeye.com/threads/156440-BP-Base-Layout-Designer however i still find that its best to design your bases in-game to get the best results.
  •  Have a better Base Design than the ones above? Send a picture to goliathusblogs@gmail.com


  1. If you are going to redesign your base how do you keep the buildings you have built and work with the land you are given when you start? Or should you just scrap it all and start from scratch?

    1. Its easy enough to redesign your base its just plain annoying, you have to work at a portion each time moving buildings and placing/removing land and water to create your new design. Don't restart you will have to change your base design many times in battle pirates its something your going to have to get used to with this game.

    2. i just scraped my mines bc u can just biuld them again theyy take like 5 sec 2 biuld again

    3. you can click on them and chose to move them instead of wasting materials on new ones

  2. does these designs take into the fact of the boost 2 and 3 of missiles. to protect the WH's and OP. i notice one of the above designs had 5 WH in it. that is why i'm asking

  3. The last one does...

  4. Well if u buildthe right base then ur good I had mine hit yesterday and he didn't make it lol if wanting to know my design fb me lance haviland pic is cannon with me in background my design guards against boost 3 for missles

    1. Lance can't find you on FB. Only ones were a guy in cap and gown for graduation and a pic of a cardinal, otherwise the others didn't have pictures.

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  6. is the last image a level 4 outpost or a level 5 where u havent added all the wh's

    1. its a lvl 5, you can tell by the number of turrets.

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  8. the pictures need updating, i only started 2 days ago and none of the buildings here look likethe ones in game

  9. battle pirates base design tutorial video > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBEKKn371ds

  10. how does one relocate their base? I have looked all over google and of course nothing is there since the upgrade... can you PLEASE help me...??

    1. click your Outpost then cllick relocate

  11. you must have a friend to relocate by. Click on your outpost and the option to relocate is there. You cant relocate during a raid.

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  13. these outdated base designs will get you farmed nice and hard ...