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Battle Pirates is a base building war game you can play on Facebook. Build a base complete with defenses, use technology, Gather resources and build great warships as you battle it out on the high seas against other players. Use this Ultimate guide to gain the edge over your opponents and become the most Fearsome Pirate in your Sector!

Ship Weapons

Ship Weapon'S

Weapons Lab.png

Ship Weapons are machines attached to hulls which allow ships to attack while in combat. The effect, weight, and range of weapons vary greatly. They can be used both to attack bases and ships.

Note: Weapon build time varies from the weapon that is being replaced or added to the ship.


The first and most basic weapons used in the game.
Auto-loader and Hardened Barrels improve these weapons making Thud's the longest range ballistic weapon and Ripper 4's the highest DPS with theD33 Draconian Assault Cannon class weapons coming in close behind each in DPS and range. The SpecialLayered Armour provides extra protection against ballistic weapons, as do Guidance Scrambler.
If you intend to use Ballistic weapons to fight fleets rather than bases, it is highly recommended that you use them primarily on very fast ships such as Sea Wolves, or Sea Scorpions. These hulls fitted with thuds, hardened barrels, auto loader, engine upgrade and the highest armour you have make a night mare fleet for the draconian bases and outpost also get for rushing other peoples bases.

Thud Cannon

The first unlocked weapon type, Thud Cannons are very basic, with an excellent damage to weight ratio. They are described as 'heavy duty single shot cannons'. With the use of an Auto-loader and Hardened Barrels , Thud Cannons become suited for end game.

Thud Cannon Stats
Thud CannonLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Range0 - 490 - 490 - 490 - 49
Building Damage2452119262
Reload Time2.0s2.5s3.0s3.5s
D /100 * A / RT7.010.818.130
D /100 * A / RT (Buildings)12.018.731.752.4
Weight4 ton9 ton24 ton62 ton
Research RequirementsStartNoneThud IIWeapon Lab 6
Research Time-1m 20s4m4 days
Research Oil-7,18817,9691,000,500
Research Metal-4,6009,2001,000,500
Research Energy-4,6009,2001,000,500
Research Zynthium-3,5226,1631,000,500
Build Time5s20s4m10m
Build Oil7191,7974,49211,230
Build Metal5751,1502,3004,600
Build Energy5751,1502,3004,600
Build Zynthium5038801,5412,696

Ripper Cannon

Ripper Cannon.png
Focusing more on a sequel to the Thud Cannon, the Ripper Cannon focuses on getting in fast and dealing damage. The range is limited on Ripper Cannons, forcing them to get closer to the enemy to attack. They are described as "twin barrelled rapid fire cannons".

Ripper Cannon Stats
Ripper CannonLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Range0 - 380 - 380 - 380 - 38
Building Damage70126227409
Reload Time1.5s1.5s1.5s1.5s
D * A / RT24.038.460.793.6
D * A / RT (Buildings)42.067.2105.9163.6
Weight18 ton43 ton104 ton249 ton
Research RequirementsWeapon Lab ?
Research Time2h 23m7h 10m21h 30m2d 16h 30m
Research Oil62,500312,0001,562,0007,812,500
Research Metal50,000200,000800,0003,200,000
Research Energy50,000200,000800,0003,200,000
Research Zynthium43,750153,125535,9381,875,781
Build Time14m 20s43m2h 9m6h 27m
Build Oil10,41752,083260,4171,302,083
Build Metal8,33333,333133,333533,333
Build Energy8,33333,333133,333533,333
Build Zynthium7,29225,52189.323312,630


Penetrating weapons are missiles and rockets used to "penetrate" enemy targets.
Enhanced Warhead increases weapon damage and Laser Targeting increases accuracy while Solid Fuel Booster increases the range up to as much as 93 on the cutlass missiles. Meanwhile the specials Reactive Armor and Guidance Scrambler provides extra protection against them.

Rapier Missiles

The second unlocked weapon type, they are simply described as "heat-seeking missiles".
Rapier Missiles are more advanced than the previous Thud Cannons, and have a much longer range. They are also the first weapons with a minimum range, meaning the weapon cannot fire at any enemy closer than 30.
Rapier Missiles Stats
Rapier MissilesLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Range30 - 5830 - 5830 - 5830 - 58
Reload Time3.0s4.0s5.0s6.0s
D * A / RT8.08.49.510.2
Weight30 ton69 ton159 ton365 ton
Research RequirementsWeapon Lab ?Weapon Lab ?Weapon Lab ?Weapon Lab 4
Research Time-1h 41m5h 03m
Research Oil-275,0001,375,000
Research Metal-140,800563,200
Research Energy-140,800563,200
Research Zynthium-94,325330,138
Build Time51s3m 22s10m 6s30m 18s
Build Oil2,20011,00055,000275,000
Build Metal1,7607,04028,160112,640
Build Energy1,7607,04028,160112,640
Build Zynthium1,5405,39018,86566,028

Cutlass Missiles

Cutlass Missiles.png
The Cutlass Missiles are the heavy-duty counterpart to the Rapier Missiles . With much the same stat gradients, the tactic of Cutlass Missiles , they "pack a heavy punch and can put a dent in most hulls". Their range can be increased by Solid Fuel Boosters with 10%, 19% and 30% to 38.5-79, 41,6-86 and 45.5-93,6 with SFB I, II or III. This makes it potentially one of the longest ranged weapons for a fleet. Their accuray can be increased with Laser Targeting with 20%, 40% and 60% with laser Targetting I, II and III.

Cutlass Missile Stats
Cutlass Missileslevel Ilevel IIlevel IIIlevel IV
Range35 - 7235 - 7235 - 7235 - 72
Reload Time5678
D * A / RT9.612.016.819.0
Weight70 ton161 ton370 ton852 ton
Research Time6h 56m20 h 50 m2d 14h 30m7d 19h 30m
Research RequirementsWeapon Lab 5Weapon Lab 6Weapon Lab 7
Weapon Lab 8
Research Oil264,4501,084,2454,445,40518,226,158
Research Metal258,0001,032,0004,128,00016,512,000
Research Energy258,0001,032,0004,128,00016,512,000
Research Zynthium225,750790,1252,765,4389,679,031
Build Time41m 40s2h 5m6h 15m18h 45m
Build Oil44,075180,708740,9013,037,693
Build Metal28,667114,667458,6671,834,667
Build Energy36,857147,429589,7142,358,857
Build Zynthium56,438197,531691,3592,419,758


Best used for attacking bases or targets that are slow moving because of their long projectile flight time after firing can give the target the ability to move out of splash range.
Highly Explosive Shells increases these weapons splash damage and Electronic Range Finder incease their accuracy while the special Ablative Armour provides extra protection againt them.

Diplomat Mortar

Diplomat Mortar.png
The third unlocked weapon type, Diplomat Mortars are very slow to fire, but have a very high damage to weight ratio. Best described as 'one shot only', it's unlikely a Diplomat Mortar will get in many shots before the end of a battle. They are described as "high-arching explosive mortars". They are probably best used while the enemy is in pursuit and you are "running away". Also know as "kiting".
Diplomat Mortar Stats
Diplomat MortarLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Range40 - 7640 - 7640 - 7640 - 76
Building Damage75109157228
Reload Time6.0s6.0s6.0s6.0s
D / RT16.724.23550.8
D / RT (Buildings)12,518,826,238
Weight105 ton179 ton303 ton516 ton
Research Requirements
Weapons Lab 5
Rapier IV
Research Time10h 30m 0s1d 7h 30m
Research Oil568,7502,843,750
Research Metal291,2001,164,800
Research Energy291,2001,164,800
Research Zynthium195,081682,784
Build Time7m21m1h 3m3h 9m
Build Oil3,79218,95894,792473,958
Build Metal3,03312,13348,533194,133
Build Energy3,03312,13348,533194,133
Build Zynthium2,6549,29032,514113,797

Peacemaker Mortar

A true upgrade to the Diplomat Mortar, the Peacemaker Mortar shows improvement in all stats except reload time, while keeping in play with the gradients upon which they lie. They are best and simply described as "massively explosive mortars". Peacemakers are also the longest range ship mounted weapon in the game. Just like the Diplomat mortar, they are very effective attacking an enemy behind you while staying out of their weapons range.
Peacemaker Mortar Stats
Peacemaker MortarLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Range50 - 8650 - 8650 - 8650 - 86
Building Damage139214333516
Reload Time7.0s7.0s7.0s7.0s
D / RT26.441.063.498.4
D / RT (Buildings)19,930,647,673,7
Weight235 ton423 ton761 ton1,371 ton
Research Time1d 5h 10m3d 0h 55m7d 14h 17m
Research RequirementsWeapons Lab 7Weapon Lab 8
Weapon Lab 9
Rapier IV
Diplomat Mortar IV
Research Oil1,626,4805,855,32821,079,181
Research Energy1,537,3755,380,81318,832,844
Research Metal1,537,3755,153,48517,779,523
Research Zynthium1,450,7804,932,65216,771,017
Build Time58m 20s2h 55m7h 17m 30s18h 13m
Build Oil75,300271,080975,8883,513,197
Build Metal73,208256,229896,8023,138,807
Build Energy72,163248,961858,9142,963,254
Build Zynthium71,117241,797822,1092,795,169

Hydra Rockets

Hydra Rockets.png
Much like the previous Ripper Cannon, Hydra Rockets have a limited range from which they can fire powerful shots, but take a good while to reload. They are described as "launches a volley of rockets".
Hydra Rockets Stats
Hydra RocketsLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Reload Time6.0s6.5s7.0s7.5s
D / RT25.
Weight105 ton221 ton463 ton972 ton
Research Time9h 10m 0s1d 3h 30m3d 10h 30m
Research RequirementsWeapon Lab 6
Weapon Lab 7
Rapier IV
Diplomat Mortar IV
Research Oil462,5002,312,50011,562,500
Research Energy296,0001,184,0004,763,000
Research Metal296,0001,184,004,763,000
Research Zynthium226,625793,1882,776,156
Build Time18m 20s55m2h 45m8h 15m
Build Oil15,41777,083385,4171,927,083
Build Metal12,33349,333197,333789,333
Build Energy12,33349,333197,333789,333
Build Zynthium10,79237,771132,198462,693

Maelstrom Rockets

Maelstorm Rockets.png
The final unlockable weapon, Maelstrom Rockets show their superiority with massive damage, albeit a low fire rate. They are said to "employ centrifugal technology to deliver epic explosions".

Maelstrom Rockets Stats
Maelstrom RocketsLevel ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV
Reload Time7.00s7.25s7.50s8.00s
D * A / RT35.057.594.4150.5
Weight195 ton410 ton860 ton1,806 ton
Research Time9h 10m1d 3h 30m3d 10h 30m10d 7h 30m
Research RequirementsWeapons Lab 7Weapons Lab 8
Weapons Lab 9
Hydra Rockets III
Weapons Lab 10
Rapier Missile IV
Diplomat Mortar IV
Hydra Rockets III
Research Oil765,0002,295,0006,885,00020,655,000
Research Metal739,5002,144,5506,219,19518,035,666
Research Energy739,5002,144,5506,219,19518,035,666
Research Zynthium714,0001,999,2005,597,76015,673,728
Build Time55m2h 45m8h 15m1d 45m
Build Oil127,500382,5001,147,5003,442,500
Build Metal123,250357,4251,036,5333,005,944
Build Energy123,250357,4251,036,5331,805,944
Build Zynthium119,000333,200932,9602,612,288

Underwater Weapons

Underwater projectiles can be fired from a submarine or small ship.
Concussive Warheads are the only special that affects underwater projectiles ( for now ).​

Havok Torpedoes

Underwater projectile that can be fired from a submarine or a small ship. The Gunboat,SkirmisherLongshipPredator Submarine and Stalker Submarine can be equipped with Havok Torpedoes.

Havok Torpedo Stats
Torpedo LevelIIIIIIIV
Reload Time7777
D * A / RT6.8610.117.628.1
Weight20 Tons40 Tons80 Tons160 Tons
Visible range30303030
RequirementsWeapons Lab 3
Weapons Lab 4
Weapons Lab 5
Weapons Lab 6
Research Time1h 10m3h 30m10h 30m1d 7h 30m
Build Time7m21m1h 3m3h 9m
Build Oil3,79218,95894,792473,958
Build Metal3,03312,13348,533194,133
Build Energy3,03312,13348,533194,133
Build Zynthium2,6549,29032,514113,797

D * A / RT = Damage per second

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